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Progressive Slots FAQs

Which Slots are Progressive?

Progressive Jackpot games, much like Microgaming’s legendary MegaMoolah, are played by multiple people across an entire network of casinos. A percentage of the players’ bets goes towards a pool which accumulates with every bet placed.

How Do You Win On Progressive Slots?

When it comes to casino games that rely solely on luck, there is no strategy that you can use to win a jackpot prize. Just get familiar with the game, learn the rules and study the paytable. Find out what’s the minimum you can wager to trigger the Progressive Jackpot prize.

How often do progressive slots hit?

There is really no way of predicting when a Progressive Jackpot game is triggered. Some local jackpot prizes can payout several times a month. Microgaming’s Major Millions pays out every 6 weeks on average, while MegaMoolah Mega can have several wins close together and then a long period without.

Does anyone ever win progressive slots?

Yes! Progressive Jackpot prizes are won every day. The way to win a Progressive Jackpot prize is to keep playing as there is no predictable way to determine when the machine will pay, feel free to read our slot reviews for more clarification.

What are In-House Progressive Slot Machines?

In-House Progressive Slot Machines are jackpot slots that are housed in the same casino, usually all within a short distance of each other. These jackpot prizes are bigger than what you’d see on a standalone progressive, but not as big as you’ll see with a wide-area progressive jackpot.

What are Proprietary Progressive Slot Machines?

Proprietary Progressive slot machines are linked via a network across many casinos. These Progressive Jackpot games offer life-changing progressive jackpot prizes.

Playing Progressive Jackpot slots is super exciting. Just one bet can change your life. So many people have already testified that winning a progressive transformed their lives, it can happen to anyone, it can easily happen to you too. If you’re a low budget player that doesn’t want to spend a huge amount to win a prize, you can play Progressive Jackpot games have been made affordable, such as renowned progressive slot game MegaMoolah by Microgaming. With this game, you can bet from an affordable $/€0.25 per spin up to $/€6.25 per spin. Read through our carefully prepared slot reviews and start playing Progressive Jackpot games today. Good luck!